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International Association of Paediatric Dentistry

The Enthusiastic Canadian Delegation at the 2023 IAPD Congress in Maastricht

Vancouver's 2027 Congress Bid Announcement

Unfortunately, Vancouver was not selected to host the 2027 Congress, but we want to applaud the hard work and dedication of the Bid-Presentation team,:

Stephanie Johnson, Senior Sales Manager, International & Bid Strategy, Vancouver Convention Centre, Dr. Ross Anderson, CAPD/ACDP Executive Director, and Dr. Sarah Hulland, CAPD/ACDP Representative to the IAPD.

Early Childhood Caries: IAPD Bangkok Declaration Recommendations

Below is an infographic containing recommendations from the Early Childhood Caries: IAPD Bangkok Declaration to reduce the prevalence and burden of Early Childhood Caries worldwide. We encourage you to use and distribute the infographic.

- Kind regards, Loraine Lugasi / Association Manager, IAPD

The Canadian Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (CAPD) is the membership organization representing over 300 pediatric dentists across Canada.

L'Académie canadienne de dentisterie pédiatrique (ACDP) est l'organisme d'adhésion qui représente plus de 300 dentistes pédiatriques à travers le Canada.

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