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Preliminary Registration for the 2019 CAPD/ACDP ANNUAL CONFERENCE IN OTTAWA, ONTARIO

  • 19 Sep 2019
  • (EDT)
  • 21 Sep 2019
  • (EDT)
  • Delta Ottawa City Centre, 101 Lyon Street North, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1R 5T9


  • Active CAPD/ACDP Members may submit a $250.00 deposit toward the 2019 Annual Conference in Ottawa, Ontario. By submitting this deposit, members will have priority reservation privileges for accommodation at the Delta Ottawa City Centre Hotel, the Conference headquarters. As well, their names will be entered into a draw for free accommodation at the hotel. Registration will formally open in January, 201. Those who deposited will be asked to fill out the complete Conference Registration form. The $250.00 deposit will be applied toward the Conference Registration Fee.///Les membres actifs de l’ACDP/CAPD peuvent verser un acompte de 250 $, plus taxes, en vue du congrès annuel de 2019 qui aura lieu à Ottawa, en Ontario. En versant cet acompte, les membres auront droit à la réservation prioritaire de leur hébergement à l’hôtel Delta Ottawa City Centre où se tiendra le congrès. En outre, leur nom sera inscrit à un tirage permettant de gagner l’hébergement gratuit à l’hôtel. Après l’ouverture officielle des inscriptions, en janvier 2019, les personnes ayant versé l’acompte seront priées de remplir le formulaire d’inscription au congrès. Cet acompte de 250 $ sera alors déduit des frais d’inscription au congrès.


The 2019 Annual Conference of the Canadian Academy of Pediatric Dentistry will take place in Ottawa, Ontario on September 19-20-21 at the Delta Ottawa City Centre Hotel. 

Registration will formally open in January 2019.

Active Members were given the opportunity to secure their place at the 2019 Ottawa Conference with a deposit of $250.00 plus HST, which will allow for priority in reserving a room at the Delta Ottawa City Centre Hotel. Should the CAPD/ACDP room block be sold out, alternate accommodations will be announced in the new year.

Once the full details of the Ottawa Conference are available, along with the full Registration form, members will be asked to complete the form.  The $250.00 deposit will be applied to the Conference Registration fee.

Information about the Conference and about the Hotel Room block and rates will be communicated to CAPD/ACDP members, when available.

The CAPD/ACDP website is also accessible as www.kidsdentalhealth.ca
We may be contacted at info@kidsdentalhealth.ca or info@capd-acdp.org
Le site Web de l’ACDP/CAPD est aussi accessible à partir du site www.santedentairepourenfants.ca.
On peut nous joindre à info@santedentairepourenfants.ca ou à info@capd-acdp.org.