Remembering Dr. Donald Cheung

September 16, 1939 - October 24, 2017

Dear Members,

CAPD/ACDP regrets to inform you that Dr. Donald Cheung recently passed away suddenly in Montreal. A short time ago he celebrated 50 years as a dentist. He had been a long time member of our Academy and had practiced in Sherwood Park (near Edmonton) and also Vancouver. There will be no funeral.

CAPD/ACDP extends our very sincere condolences to Dr. Cheung’s family, as well as his many friends and associates.

Paul Andrews


On Behalf of the CAPD/ACDP Executive Committee

A tribute from Dr. Dennis Bedard:

I had known Donald since 1976 when he was a part time instructor in the Pedo department at the Faculty of Dentistry, U of A. He taught there for a number of years after graduating from Pedo in 1971, again from the U of A as at that time they had a graduate program in Pedo.

Dr. Cheung on his last trip to Nicaragua

Donald had immigrated to Canada from Hong Kong to attend McGill University to study dentistry. He graduated in 1967 at which time he moved to Alberta. He had a private practice in Sherwood Park, about 15 minutes east of Edmonton. He sold his practice in 2003 and moved to Vancouver where he practiced for another year.

Donald was instrumental in setting up care for the Special needs patients in Edmonton working at Rosecrest Home, a facility for special needs with complicating medical issues. He was also the staff dentist for a number of years at Eric Cormack Centre for special needs adults, again with compromised medical issues. He had a number of special needs patients in his practice.

Donald and I used to travel to AAPD conventions together. We had become very good friends. I asked him if he would be interested in working on one of our dental missions, he said yes. He was 61 at the time. He enjoyed himself and continued to travel with us for 5 years providing dental services to the less fortunate of the country.

Donald was a very fast operator. I remember him at school, preaching that a pediatric dentist’s gift was speed and communication. I did not realize just how fast he was until I saw him doing restorative work in difficult situations in Guatemala. His speed never compromised his results. He was gifted with this talent.

Donald liked to have fun. He had many stories to tell. He was generous with his time and donations. I was honored to have him as colleague and a friend. He will be missed.

Donald is survived by his loving wife, Linda, daughters, Tracy (Kevin), Jennifer (David), stepsons, Scott (Stephanie) and Jarret along with 8 grandchildren.

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