Honourary Members of the Academy


The Academy’s highest honour is Honourary Membership, which recognizes an individual deemed to have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of Pediatric Dentistry or to this Academy over a sustained period of time. Honourary members are elected and confirmed at the Annual Meeting. 


CAPD/ACDP Honourary Members

               At the 2016 Annual Meeting in Toronto,  Dr. Victor Legault (R) was formally introduced as CAPD/ACDP's newest                              Honourary Member by past-President, Dr. Patrick Canonne.

In 2014, the following members were added:  Dr. Dennis Bedard and Dr. Guy Benoit.

Dr. Dennis Bedard

Dr. Dennis Bedard (pictured on the left with Bev Bedard at the ceremony to receive the CDA Award of Merit)  received his DDS from the University of Alberta in 1978, He and his wife Bev moved to Toronto, with his three very young children in 1982. He received his diploma in the specialty of Paediatric Dentistry in 1984. Soon thereafter he returned to Edmonton Alberta where he quickly established himself as a guiding light in Paedatric Dentistry. He received his Fellowship from the RCDC in 2003.

Dr. Bedard has been a Clinical Associate Professor, Division of Paediatric Dentistry, University of Alberta, for many years. Undergraduate students have gleaned invaluable clinical experiences with Dr. Bedard in the near north of Alberta through the Universities Dental Outreach programs.

Dr. Bedard has been active in the profession through the Alberta Dental Association and College, Alberta Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, ASDS, Canadian Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, EDDS and the Knights of Columbus. Dr. Bedard has been a stalwart member of CAPD/ACPD and has hosted our AGM. He is a Past President of the Alberta Society of Dental Specialists and the Alberta Association of Paediatric Dentists.

Dr. Bedard has been a guest lecturer at the Edmonton District Dental Society, Edmonton Board of Health, Health and Welfare Canada, St. Albert Board of Health, Athabasca Board of Health, University of Alberta continuing education, Dental Public Health Conference, and St. Joseph’s College, IV Congreso Internacional, Facultad de Odontologia, and Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala, and has been a guest instructor at Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala, Facultad de Odontologia, Disciplina de Odontologia del Nino y del Adolescente.

Perhaps Dr. Bedard’s greatest attribute is his humanity, compassion and caring. Dr. Bedard and his wife Beverly cofounded Dentistry for All (formerly, the Society for Third World Dental Care). Dr. Bedard has lead 16 mission trips to the poorest areas of Guatemala, 11 missions to Nicaragua and 4 missions to the Philippines.  This organization, for which he remains a Board Director, now is an internationally recognized charity organization providing oral health care to developing countries. In the spirit that Dennis and Bev initiated this organization it has attracted countless volunteers. Not ignoring Canada’s own less fortunate he has provided care in Alberta’s near northern communities. This has allowed him to share his compassion, caring and humanity to impoverished Albertans. Through this outreach he has mentored countless young Albertan dental students in the humanity and caring of our profession.

Dr. Bedard has received accolades from the Canadian Dental Association and has received the Alberta Dental Associations coveted award of excellence.

Dr. Guy Benoit

Dr. Guy Benoit was one of three ‘pedodontists’ who pioneered dental care for children in Montreal in the 1950’s.  He completed his undergraduate DDS at the University of Montreal in 1947.  His wife Pauline Rivard graduated in 1948 .He completed his program in pedodontics at the Northwestern University in the early 1950’s.

He returned to Montreal to become the first pedodontist to have a full time private practice in the city. The specialty of pedodontics was only recognized in Quebec in 1972.  The practice of Paediatric Dentistry in the 1950’s did not involve local anaesthesia or sedation but good patient management and caring.

Dr. Benoit was instrumental along with Doctor George Perrault in developing undergraduate teaching in Paediatric Dentistry at University of Montreal.

Dr. Benoit at the age of 93 currently resides with his wife in Montreal.  His pioneering of Paediatric Dentistry has lead to a strong establishment of the practice of Paediatric Dentistry in Quebec.

This year when the University of Montreal Faculty of Dentistry celebrated its 110th anniversary Dr. Benoit is to be honored. The Quebec Association of Paedatric Dentistry has previously recognized him for his contribution to children’s oral health.



At his home, on August 8 2015, a plaque was presented by Dr. J. Victor Legault to Dr. Guy Benoît, for his contribution to pediatric dentistry in Canada. Dr. Benoît, now aged 94, graduated from the University of Montreal in 1947, and went on to the University of Northwestern in Chicago, where he earned his Master's Degree, under a grant from the Kellogg's Foundation.

CAPD is proud to recognize Dr. Guy Benoît as an Honorary Member.


Le 8 août 2015, le docteur J. Victor Legault présentait au docteur Guy Benoît une plaque en reconnaissance de sa contribution à la dentisterie pédiatrique au Canada.  Aujourd'hui âgé de 94 ans, docteur Benoît a gradué de l'Université de Montréal en 1947, pour ensuite se diriger vers l'Université Northwestern à Chicago, où il obtient une Maîtrise ( M.S. ) sous les auspices de la Fondation Kellogg's.

L'ACDP est fière de reconnaître le docteur Guy Benoît à titre de Membre Honoraire.

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