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L’ACDP/CAPD a annulé le congrès annuel 2020 prévu à Whistler (C.-B.), mais l’a reporté à octobre 2022. La réunion du conseil exécutif, l’assemblée générale annuelle et les présentations de travaux de recherche d’étudiants 3M Oral Care ont eu lieu de façon virtuelle les 25 et 26 septembre 2020. Les rapports de l’AGA et un enregistrement de l’assemblée sont mis à la disposition des membres sur le site réservé aux membres. Les résultats des présentations d’étudiants et un enregistrement de celles-ci sont disponibles ici   


 L’AAPD ajoute une liste de contrôle – Re-emergence Pediatric Dentistry

Practice Check-List – à l’intention des membres de l’AAPD.

 L’AAPD ajoute la trousse d’outils ADA Return to Work Toolkit à son site

Web, à l’intention des membres de l’AAPD.

 Le concours Brush-a-Mania se termine le 31 mai

Dr. Olaf Plotzke is President of the new Canadian Society for Disability and Oral Health

The Canadian Society for Disability and Oral Health (CSDH) was established in London, Ontario, and given final Certification for Incorporation as a Not for Profit Society on November 26, 2019. The Board of Directors at that time included, Dr. Clive Friedman, Dr. Timucin Ari and Dr. Olaf Plotzke. Recently Dr. Chantal Czerednikow (a GP, from Montreal) and Ms. Carol Yakiwchuk (A Registered Dental Hygienist, from Vancouver) have joined our Board of Directors.  

The Society’s effort is to bring all Canadian oral healthcare providers, who are currently seeing patients with special needs and those we hope to bring on board, under one umbrella.

Click here for more information, including membership Members of CAPD and for Students.

News from IAPD

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Please find attached an infographic with recommendations from the Early Childhood Caries: IAPD Bangkok Declaration to reduce the prevalence and burden of Early Childhood Caries worldwide. We welcome you to use and distribute the infographic.  Kind regards, Loraine Lugasi / Association Manager, IAPD

Broadcast-Quality Video Now Available to AAPD Members

We're excited to share with you the availability of a commercial video touting the importance of our profession. The AAPD has produced a video at the request of members that can be used in your practice and local media markets. The video can also be personalized as a television spot to promote your practice. A preview of this video was shown during the Opening Keynote session during the recent AAPD Annual Session in Boston.

For those of you that are interested in personalizing the video with your practice's information practice for a TV spot in your local markets, you will need to take the Uncompressed Quicktime broadcast video file to any local post-production house and request a custom five-second end tag created to replace the existing five seconds of the video, but NOT replacing the existing audio. These high-quality video files are designed for broadcast use only and will take a long time to download. There are several options available for the production of a custom end tag. Most local TV stations also have production departments that could easily do this end-tag work for a small hourly fee.

Broadcast Quality Videos:

30-Second Spot
60-Second Spot

Bridges Media is the production house here in Chicago who created these videos for us. Should you wish to use them for this customization, please contact them at:

If you are interested in downloading and playing a version on your computers or hosting on your website and social media, please use the much smaller web version. A YouTube of the 60-second video with the AAPD sign-off, can be found at:

Finally, please keep us informed should you place this video in your local media market! Please e-mail AAPD Public Relations Senior Manager Erika Hoeft at

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