The Executive Committee of the CAPD/ACDP is comprised of four active members along with two ex-officio active members. This vibrant and progressive group communicates throughout the year via teleconferences and meets face-to-face once each year at the fall Annual General Meeting.


Meeting discussions include subject matters relating to:

  • Regional and provincial association activities that affect pediatric dentists
  • CAPD/ACDP involvement with pediatric graduate student research and clinical practice
  • Relationships and events that involve CAPD/ACDP with other professional organizations (CDA, ADA, AAPD, IAPD, CDSA, OSPD and the RCDC)
  • Issues that relate to the advancement of pediatric dentistry in Canada and the World

All of the members on the Executive Committee are hard working volunteers who are excited about sharing their expertise and new-found experiences in pediatric dentistry with CAPD/ACDP members, or those aspiring to join the organization.


For those interested in joining the CAPD/ACDP or wishing to be considered for a position on the Executive Committee, please contact any member of the Committee.

            Dr. Raymond Lee
   Vice President             Dr. Jennifer MacLellan
            Dr. Gregory Westman
   Executive Director (ex officio)
            Dr. Ross Anderson  
   Immediate Past President
            Dr. Paul Andrews  
            Dr. Robert Barsky  
  RCDC Councillor for Pediatric Dentistry             Dr. Paul Andrews 

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